For decades, the debate has raged on…seat up or seat down?

As trite as the argument seems, it’s lead to some pretty serious arguments about equality and sexism. Men say that if women really want equality, they should have to leave the seat up. It’s sexist to expect otherwise!

Well, I’m here to settle the argument for good. And it’s not about sexism, feminism or any other –ism. It’s not even about the seat! It’s about the lid.

Yesterday, my boyfriend dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. It didn’t even fall in clean toilet water (as if that would have made a difference). It fell in pee water, because one of our four kids both forgot to flush and left the lid open. I laughed and said, “Now you know why I always close the lid.”

I’ve seen plenty of hair elastics, toothbrushes, and full toilet paper rolls fall into the toilet over the years, not to mention pets drinking out of the bowl. You should always, ALWAYS, close the lid on your toilet.

And when you close the lid, obviously you have to put the seat down.

Mic drop moment? I think so.


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