Are you a ‘responsible’ pet owner? Here’s what happens if your pet is found at large

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You don’t have to go far on social media to find accounts of lost pets that got away from their owners. Some pets escape their collars and enclosures; others slip out while the door is open.

Regardless of the reasons a pet got away, City of Timmins bylaws apply.

Bylaws 2004-6014 and 2005-6220 govern the licensing, registration, regulation and control of dogs and cats respectively. These bylaws are very similar in that they prohibit owners from allowing their pets to run at large, and defines “at large” as any time the pet is off the guardian’s property and not on a leash or “under direct control of a competent person.”…continue reading

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Jessica Trudel

Jessica Trudel is a freelance writer and editor, and founder of the Silverleaf Writers Guild. She has contributed to various print and digital publications across Canada and the U.S., including TimminsToday, TalkSpace, and BoldFace.

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