Scrabble Poetry – FREE SPEECH

Every week at our Guild Gathering for the Silverleaf Writers Guild, we have a short writing activity. Tonight, we each got to play a couple of words on a Scrabble board and then we had 10 minutes to try to work all the words into a piece of writing (any style). The words were: meals, numb, brains, brig, lone, yay, page, lewd, pow, rip, last, ooze, and OD (we let that last one slide since she had some pretty tough letters to work with).

I wrote the following poem, inspired by events of late. I called it FREE SPEECH.


His last word
Oozed from his sickened brain
Lone and lewd
Ripped through headlines
Splashed across pages
Decimated his life with a thunderous pow
And we never heard from him again
He could be buried in a brig
In some ship’s underbelly
And we wouldn’t care less
But we OD’d on headlines
Consumed page after page
Like they were our last meals
And now we’re so numb that
You can say your worst
And droves will cry
“Yay” and “hurray” for free speech

Published by

Jessica Trudel

Jessica Trudel has been a freelance writer and editor for over a decade. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, and a supporter of the arts in Northern Ontario.

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