Free Editing Services (The Story in Your Words)

The Story in Your Words started as (and still is) a Facebook group through which members could get up to 300 words edited by me for free. Since I now also have a growing Twitter following, I wanted to make this service available through my website as well.


As a professional editor, I notice a lot of writers get caught up in details and lose sight of their story. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, if it’s short or long, a query letter or a email, every writer at some point gets lost in the details.

At The Story in Your Words, you can get up to 300 words edited by me for free. It doesn’t have to be part of a novel or short story. Query letters are welcomed and encouraged as well (I love editing these)!

When it comes to fiction/creative nonfiction, I will answer important questions, like:
– Are your characters interesting and relatable?
– Is the plot or premise interesting?
– Is your dialogue believable and does it flow naturally?
– Are you consistent in your verb tenses?
– Is your narrative point of view consistent and/or effective?
– Are you using strong words and active voice?
– How can the story be given more depth and meaning?
– And more!

Why only 300 words? I hope that once you see the value of my services, you will want to hire me as your editor. Regardless, you’ll get something out of this partnership.


Courtney McGuire: “BIG shout out to Jessica Trudel for her support and feedback on my query. She gave especially detailed notes that will make a world of difference.” (via Facebook, 2018)

Emily Smith: “Nice, professional feedback. Highly recommended!” (via Facebook, 2018)

Rae Mae: “Her feedback and suggestions were right on. I have a project coming up in the near future where I strongly considering using her services. She’s worth checking out.” (via Facebook, 2017)

Shirley Fridar Phiri: “I had my 300 word sample reviewed and am over the moon. Thank you so much.” (via Facebook, 2017)


– Email up to 300 words to It doesn’t have to be the first 300 words; you pick which 300 words you want to have edited.
– Post the words in the BODY of the email (no attachments).
– Include the subject line: Request for Review [Author Name]
– Do not include story background or context. Your words will stand on their own merit.
– You are eligible to receive this service only once.
– I will be constructive and respectful, but some of it may still sting. Just try not to take it personally.
– Do not send poetry.
– Turnaround time will depend on demand. There are some days where I can respond within the hour, and other times where it may take a week or two. Please be patient, but don’t be afraid to give me a nudge if you’ve been waiting a while.

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Jessica Trudel

Jessica Trudel has been a freelance writer and editor for over a decade. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, and a supporter of the arts in Northern Ontario.

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