List of Literary Agencies updated to include nearly 300!

If you think you’ve queried every agent possible, you haven’t. Even if you’ve sent out 200 query letters, you still haven’t even queried all the agencies, let alone all the agents!

The list of literary agencies I published on my website last week has been a pretty big hit so far. Now, I’ve updated it to include dozens more, bringing the grand total of agencies to just two shy of 300! I also included glossary style dividers to help you navigate more quickly.

Check out the updated list here: List of Literary Agencies Around the World.

Published by

Jessica Trudel

Jessica Trudel is a freelance writer and editor, and founder of the Silverleaf Writers Guild. She has contributed to various print and digital publications across Canada and the U.S., including TimminsToday, TalkSpace, and BoldFace.

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