Free Editing Services (The Story in Your Words)

The Story in Your Words started as (and still is) a Facebook group through which members could get up to 300 words edited by me for free. Since I now also have a growing Twitter following, I wanted to make this service available through my website as well. FREE EDITING SERVICES? TELL ME MORE! As a … Continue reading Free Editing Services (The Story in Your Words)

Author’s Guide to Twitter: A Glossary

Jump to Glossary INTRO: Why create a glossary? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Twitter is an author’s paradise. Authors, agents, editors, publishers, and other lit influencers make ample use of Twitter to share priceless advice, wish lists, trends, podcasts, blogs, new releases, and so much more. There’s a strong indie publishing … Continue reading Author’s Guide to Twitter: A Glossary

Twitter Literary Events

In early 2018, I tweeted a list of upcoming Twitter pitch parties, and people really liked it. It got retweeted and hearted hundreds of times! The original tweet kept getting shared even after I posted an updated list with new dates, so I decided to maintain a list on my website where people can always … Continue reading Twitter Literary Events

Words to Cut: OF

A strong manuscript uses strong, direct language, and vivid images, to convey its story or message. Leave your passive and weak words on the clipboard. It’s easy to ignore common words like THE, A, and ON when you’re editing because there’s so many of them that they start to blend into the background. Here’s one … Continue reading Words to Cut: OF

Setting Your Writing Goals – look back then forge ahead

Over the holidays, I hit a bit of an emotional slump. It happens almost every year due to my ongoing mental health struggles, and unfortunately affects my writing life too. As January 1st approached, I was feeling a great need to make 2018 better than 2017. At the time, it felt like nothing had gone … Continue reading Setting Your Writing Goals – look back then forge ahead

The Ache of Apathy

Writers are rebels by nature. For a writer, a sudden strike of inspiration is like a cold splash of water in the face. Inspiration provides a writer with their second wind, but it usually comes at a price. Not only can you not sleep once you’ve been struck, but heeding its call usually leads you … Continue reading The Ache of Apathy

How to Write Without Editing

HOW TO WRITE WITHOUT EDITING for the Sake of your NaNoing Sanity Every November, a battle cry can be heard across the globe as burgeoning writers take up their sharp implements against a common foe—the editor within. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is when everyone asks the same question: is it really possible to write … Continue reading How to Write Without Editing