Coaching, Editing and Workshops



As a developmental editor and literary coach, I provide you in-depth feedback and specific examples to improve your manuscript. I’ll help you develop your manuscript into thought-provoking fiction or nonfiction, and help you make it more saleable to readers, agents and publishers by making it more upmarket (bridging the gap between commercial and literary).

I specialize in working with beginner writers. I am the Founder and on the Board of Directors for the Silverleaf Writers Guild where I teach workshops and provide advice to young, inexperienced writers on a regular basis.


If you’ve already completed your first draft, I can provide developmental editing services. I’ll provide you with detailed feedback and specific examples of how to improve the characters, plot and themes in your manuscript to make it more interesting, thought-provoking and saleable.

My typical developmental editing rates range between $0.025/word to $0.05/word, depending on the complexity of the project. I occasionally charge per hour or flat rates. Please use the Contact Me page to reach out to me for a quote.


I regularly teach workshops on creative writing and marketing topics. Previous workshops have included Creative Writing 101, Preparing to Write and Editing Your Manuscript. I am happy to teach both in person or via a virtual webinar, whichever you prefer. Of course, the fee varies depending on the format. Please Contact Me for information about rates and workshop topics.


Some writers prefer one-on-one or face-to-face coaching. I provide coaching services to writers who are still in the process of developing their story ideas. You may have only begun the brainstorming process or you may have already begun writing your first draft. Either way, I can provide you with specific feedback on how to add depth and interest to your characters, plot and themes so that you’ll have less to edit later on (ultimately saving you money). Please Contact Me for information about rates and to set up a customized coaching schedule.

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