If you’ve completed your document, and feel like you’ve done as much as you can do, I can provide developmental editing services to show you how to make it better. Whether it’s a manuscript for publication or an email to your boss, you’d be surprised what a professional editor can find!

I’ll help you:
– Organize the content so that it conveys your thoughts or story in meaningful and impactful ways
– Target the language to the intended audience, whether it’s a client, an agent, a publisher, or a general reader
– Get rid of wasted words
– Make your writing more entertaining to read
– Make your content more saleable
– And much more!

Most importantly, I’ll provide you with detailed feedback and specific examples of how to improve your writing so that you can learn and grow. I believe in the philosophy, “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”

While I don’t specifically focus on proofreading, I will point out errors as I find them. It’s just not what my editing services are all about. My focus is to look at the big picture and help you convey your thoughts more clearly, concisely, and deliberately.

My typical developmental editing rates range between $0.025/word to $0.05/word, depending on the complexity of the project. I occasionally charge per hour or flat rates. Please use the Contact Me page to reach out to me for a quote.