I know you’re nervous about hiring a freelance writer. Whether you’ve worked with one before or you know someone who has, you probably have a few horror stories: writers who didn’t know how to tailor their writing style to your needs, writers who couldn’t meet deadlines, writers that disappeared into the online void without a trace.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with me. Let me address them, one by one.

Voice and Branding

I’ve worked in marketing for many years, and I understand how important your brand is. I’ve written content for many mediums, both online and print, and know how to tailor my style to suit your needs. I’ve written everything from light-hearted blog content, to journalistic life interest stories for newspapers, to reports for strategic or business documents. I make sure to ask the right questions up front to ensure that I understand what you expect from me.

Time Management

The biggest complaint I hear from clients about the freelance writers they’ve work with is the ability to meet deadlines. Not everyone is cut out for making their own schedules and sticking to deadlines.

I ran my own business for several years, and I also got both a college diploma and a university degree by correspondence, so I know how to manage my own time. I have a detailed editorial calendar where I track my projects and hours to ensure your project is never lost in the shuffle, and that you pay only for time spent on your project.

This relies, in part, on my clients meeting their end of the bargain, providing me with content in a timely manner and giving me advance notice of upcoming projects. I clearly lay out my expectations at the beginning of the process, and discuss any issues openly with you so that we can continue to have a great working relationship that can last for years.

Consistent Communication

If I commit to a project, I complete it. I will provide you with a contract that clearly lays out the project scope and both our responsibilities. On the rare occasion that I’ve been unable to complete a project due to a family emergency, I have offered clients discounts and refunds proportionate to the work left incomplete. You will never be left with a bill and a blank page.

Please contact me for a quote.