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It’s HARD to find a literary agent.

Yes, the querying process itself is hard, but it’s also hard to find their websites sometimes. There’s so many different places to look: Twitter, QueryTracker, Publisher’s Marketplace, ManuscriptWishList, the Writer’s Market books… where do you start?

You start right here.

I created this list of literary agencies by collating the information from all the sources I listed above. It may not include every agency out there, but includes 350 agencies, so it’s thorough. I’ll continue to add more as I find them.

If you think you’ve queried every agent possible, you haven’t. Even if you’ve sent out 200 query letters, you still haven’t even queried all the agencies, let alone all the agents!

That said, I didn’t compile this list so that you can mass email all the agents at all the offices. This is a tool to help you in your RESEARCH.

Tips for using this tool:

  • Track your queries. Write down:
    • which agent at what agency you queried, with what manuscript, and when
    • how long the agency website says it should take to hear back
  • Read and FOLLOW the agent/agency submission guidelines
  • Personalize your query
  • Don’t query another agent at the same agency while you’re still waiting to hear back from the first agent
  • Don’t nudge an agent if the agency’s website says they can’t respond to every query (unless the agent specifically says it’s okay to nudge them)
  • If it says a no is a no from the whole agency, don’t send that manuscript to another agent at the same agency
  • Move on if it says to take no response as a “no” after X weeks
  • Seriously, don’t rely on your memory! Track your submissions in a spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This list is not an endorsement for the listed agency. Make sure the agent or agency is legit before you query. A good place to start is Writer Beware.

Let me know if I’ve missed an agency and I’ll add it. They just need a website to link to (or a Publisher’s Marketplace listing if there’s only one agent in the agency).

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Complete List of Literary Agencies Around the World

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2 Seas Agency

3 Seas Literary Agency


A+B Works

Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, The

Abrams Artists Agency

Adams Literary

Aevitas Creative Management

Agency, The

AGI Vigliano Literary

Ahlander Agency

Aitken Alexander Associates

Alice Williams Literary

Alive Literary Agency

AKA Literary Management

AM Heath

Amy Rennert Agency

AnatoliaLit Agency

Anderson Literary Agency Inc.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Andrew Lownie Literary Agency

Andy Ross Agency

Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency Inc.

Annie Bomke Literary Agency

Antony Harwood Ltd.

Apokedak Literary Agency

Aponte Literary Agency

Aragi, Inc.

Artemis Agency, The

Axelrod Agency, The

Ayesha Pande Literary

Azantian Literary Agency


Barbara Braun Associates Inc.

Barbara J. Zitwer Agency

Barone Literary Agency

Barry Goldblatt Literary

Belcastro Agency

Bell Lomax Moreton Agency

Ben Illis Agency, The

Bent Agency, The

Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises

Beverley Slopen Literary Agency

BJ Robbins Literary Agency

Blake Friedmann

Blue Ridge Literary Agency

Book Cents Literary Agency

Book Group, The

Bookcase Literary Agency

Bookends Literary Agency

Booker Albert Literary Agency

Bradford Literary Agency

Brandt & Hotchman Literary Agents, Inc.

Brattle Agency, The

Brent Taylor Books

Bresnick Weil Literary Agency

Brower Literary & Management

Browne & Miller Literary Associates

Bukowski Agency, The



Capital Talent Agency

Carol Mann Agency

Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency

Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency, The

Chalberg & Sussman

Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency, The

Chase Literary Agency

Cheney Agency, The

Chris Calhoun Agency

Christopher Ferebee

Clegg Agency, The

Collective Talent

Context Literary


Copenhagen Literary Agency

Cornerstone Literary

Corvisiero Literary Agency

Creative Culture, The

Creative Media Agency, Inc.

Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency


D4EO Literary Agency

Dana Newman Literary

Daniel Literary Group

Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents

Darley Anderson

David Black Agency

David Godwin Associates 

David Higham Associates

Deborah Harris Agency, The

DeFiore and Company

Denise Shannon Literary Agency

DHH Literary Agency

Diana Finch Literary Agency

Dominick Abel Literary Agency

Donadio & Olson Inc.

Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

Donaghy Literary Group

Donald Maass Literary Agency

Doug Grad Literary Agency

Dunham Literary

Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency

Dupree Miller & Associates

Duran Kim Agency

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC


Eden Street

Einstein Literary Management

Emerald City Literary Agency

Emma Sweeney Agency LLC

Empire Literary

Enberg Literary Agency

Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

Evan Marshall Agency, The

Eve White Literary Agency


Fairbank Literary Representation

Falkin Literary

Felicia Eth Literary Representation

Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.

Fine Print Literary Management

Firebrand Literary

Fischer-Harbage Agency Inc., The

Flannery Literary

Fletcher & Company

Folio Literary Management

Foundry Literary + Media

Fox Literary

Frances Collin Literary Agency

Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc.

Fredrica S. Friedman and Co. Literary Management

Friedrich Agency LLC, The

Full Circle Literary

Fuse Literary


G Agency

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

Georges Borchardt Inc.

Gernert Company, The

Gersh Agency, The

Ghosh Literary

Gina Maccoby Literary Agency

Global Lion Intellectual Property Management

Golden Wheat Literary

Good Literary Agency, The

Graham Maw Christie Agency

Grand Agency

Green Book Agency

Greene & Heaton

Greenhouse Literary Agency

Greyhaus Literary Agency


Handspun Literary

Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency

Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency

Harvey Klinger Literary Agency

Helen Heller Agency, The

Herman Agency, The

Hill Nadell Literary Agency

Holloway Literary Agency

Hornfischer Literary Management

Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

Howland Literary


ICM Partners

Idea Architects

Indent Literary Agency

Independent Talent

Inklings Literary Agency

Inkwell Management

Irene Goodman Agency


Jabberwocky Literary Agency Inc.

Jane Rotrosen Agency

Janklow & Nesbit Associates

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency

Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agent Inc.

Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, The

Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC

Jenny Brown Associates

Jill Grinberg Literary Management

Joelle Delbourgo Associates

Jo Unwin Literary Agency

John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

Johnson & Alcock

Joy Harris Literary Agency, Inc., The


Karpfinger Agency, The

Kepner Agency, The

Kimberley Cameron & Associates

Kingsford Campbell

Knight Agency, The

KT Literary


L. Perkins Agency

L’autre agence


Lark Group, The

LaunchBooks Literary Agency

Laura Dail Literary Agency, The

Laura Gross Literary Agency


Leigh Feldman Literary

Leshne Agency, The

Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency

Linda Chester Literary Agency

Linda Konner Literary Agency

Linwood Messina Literary Agency

Lisa Ekus Group, The

Literary Group International, The

Liza Dawson Associates

LKG Agency

Lotus Lane Literary

Lowenstein Associates Inc.

LR Children’s Literary

Lucas Alexander Whitley 

Lukeman Literary


MacGregor & Luedeke

MacKenzie Wolf

Madeleine Milburn Ltd

Mansion Street Literary Management

Manus & Associates Literary Agency

Marcil O’Farrell Literary

Margret McBride Literary Agency

Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.

Marianne Strong Literary Agency

Marly Rusoff Literary Agency

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC

Marsh Agency, The

Martin Literary Management

Mary Evans Agency

Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents

Matthew Carnicelli

MBA Literary & Script Agents

McCormick Literary

McIntosh & Otis

Mendel Media Group

Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency

Meridian Artists

Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency


Naher Agency, The

Nancy Yost Literary Agency

Nelson Literary Agency

New Leaf Literary & Media

Nordin Agency

Northbank Talent


O’Donnell Literary

Olswanger Literary

One Piece Agency

One Track Literary Agency

OnyxHawke Agency

Oslo Literary Agency


P.S. Literary Agency

Paradigm Talent Agency

Park & Fine Literary and Media

Parkeast Literary Agency

Paul & Peter Fritz AG Literary Agency

Peters Fraser & Dunlop 

Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency

Pippin Properties

Prentis Literary

Prospect Agency


Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency

Red Fox Literary

Red Sofa Literary

Rees Literary Agency

Regal Hoffmann & Associates

Regina Ryan Books

Richard Curtis Associates Inc.

Richard Henshaw Group

Rick Broadhead & Associates

Rights Factory, The

Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency

Ro Literary

Robert Lecker Agency

Robin Straus Agency

Rocking Chair Books Literary Agency

Rogers, Coleridge & White

Rohm Literary Agency, The

Root Literary

Rosenberg Group, The

Ross Yoon Agency

Rubin Pfeffer Content

Ruppin Agency, The


Sadler-Caravette Children’s Literary

Salomonsson Agency

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc.

Sarah Jane Freyman Literary Agency

Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency

Sean McCarthy Literary Agency

Serendipity Literary Agency

Seventh Avenue Literary Agency

Seymour Agency

Sheil Land Associates

Sheldon Fogelman Agency

Sheree Bykofsky Associates Inc.

Signature Literary Agency

Sinead Heneghan Literary Agency

Skylark Literary

Solow Literary Enterprises

Speilburg Literary Agency

Spencerhill Associates

Spieler Agency, The

Starlight Literary Agency

Stephanie Tade Agency

Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.

Steve Laube Agency

Stimola Literary Studio

Stonesong Literary Agency

Storm Literary Agency

Strachan Literary Agency

Stringer Literary Agency, The

Strothman Agency, The

Stuart Agency, The

Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency

Susan Schulman Literary Agency

Susan Rabiner Literary Agency


Talcott Notch Literary Services

Taryn Fagerness Agency

Ted Weinstein Literary Management

Tessler Literary Agency

Thompson Literary Agency

Tin-Can Telephone Literary Agency

Tobias Literary Agency, The

Tomasino Agency, The

Transatlantic Agency

Trentin Agency

TriadaUS Literary Agency

Trident Media Group

Two Daisy Media


Union Literary

United Agents

United Talent Agency

Unter Agency, The

Upstart Crow Literary


Venture Literary

Vicky Bijur Literary Agency

Victoria Sanders & Associates


Wales Literary Agency

Wallace Literary Agency, Inc.

Watson, Little Ltd

Waxman Literary Agency

Wells Arms Literary

Wendy Schmalz Agency

Wendy Sherman Associates

Wernick & Pratt Agency

Westwood Creative Artists

Whitney Davis Literary

William Clark Associates

William Morris Entertainment

Wolfson Literary Agency

WordServe Literary Group

Writers House LLC


Yates & Yates


Zantedeschi Agency

Zoë Pagnamenta Agency