Pitch a Book, Win an Edit

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED The time has come: Pitch a Book, Win an Edit has arrived! I’ve tried to predict and answer all your below: What is Pitch a Book, Win an Edit? Pitch a Book, Win an Edit is a contest where everybody wins, but only one person gets the grand prize. Writers pitch … Continue reading Pitch a Book, Win an Edit

The Ache of Apathy

Writers are rebels by nature. For a writer, a sudden strike of inspiration is like a cold splash of water in the face. Inspiration provides a writer with their second wind, but it usually comes at a price. Not only can you not sleep once you’ve been struck, but heeding its call usually leads you … Continue reading The Ache of Apathy

How to Write Without Editing

HOW TO WRITE WITHOUT EDITING for the Sake of your NaNoing Sanity Every November, a battle cry can be heard across the globe as burgeoning writers take up their sharp implements against a common foe—the editor within. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is when everyone asks the same question: is it really possible to write … Continue reading How to Write Without Editing