Child care shortage in Timmins most critical for infants

Mar 20, 2018
‘Some moms call when they’ve only just had their baby, looking ahead to going back to work after 12 months. We don’t even take infants,’ says daycare director

Local club seeks members who share passion for tabletop wargames

Feb 26, 2018
The group has a long-term vision for the club is their group grows, including a hobby store and game tournament

‘It sounded like and looked like a cannon hit the side of the boat’

Feb 22, 2018
Local couple caught in chaos of ferry explosion in Playa del Carmen

Northern Ontario Handmade seeks out region’s artists and artisans

Feb 21, 2018
Regional artists and artisans will soon have a new outlet through which to sell their wares

Yo Mobile team sees patrons as second family

Feb 17, 2018
The Yo Mobile in Timmins is bringing a new meaning to the expression “family business”.

Community rallies behind local teenager with cancer

Feb 17, 2018
The “city with the heart of gold” is earning this title yet again as it rallies around a 14-year-old boy with cancer.

Local community association sets standard for volunteerism and community development

Feb 16, 2018
The Connaught Community Association’s 31 Days Till Spring Smorgasbord takes place February 17