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Nadiya Osmani

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Chantal Palmer

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Jonathan Zinck

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Shirley Fridar Phiri

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Rae Mae

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Northern College Innovation

“Jessica Trudel clearly has a gift for writing and editing. She is also a lot of fun to work with. She is extremely personable and passionate about her work, which is always refreshing to see. I have used Jessica’s services in the past. Her services definitely proved to be an investment for whatever projects I … Continue reading Catherine Boivin-Girard

Catherine Boivin-Girard

“Jessica’s editorial work on my initial attempts at blogging not only gave me the professional polish I was looking for, but also gave me the confidence to hit ‘post’.”

Kelleigh Wright

“I’ve worked with Jess on several occasions. Always does great writing and editing work. Highly recommended!”

Marc Rodrigue

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Erin Vermont

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Sal Gallaher

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Ela Mishne

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William F. Polden Sr.

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Mariah Leah DeCata

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Emily Smith

“I am very impressed with Jessica’s insights and feedback regarding a very onerous document that deals with a very dry subject matter. She took the time to ensure that my work was free of errors and embarrassing misstatements, something I am known to do. Her thoroughness, combined with timeliness left me very satisfied. When I … Continue reading Cory Robin

Cory Robin